Trust, Openness and Organizational Development:

Short-Term Relationships in Research and Development Laboratories and a Design for Investigating Long-Term Effects.

By Daniel Kegan, June 1971.

Abstract & Acknowledgments Click> Trust-KeganPhd-Abstract_ Acknow.txt

Chapter 1.  Introduction and Dissertation Summary Click> Trust-KeganPhd-Ch1.txt

1.01 Introduction

1.02 Effectiveness, trust, and organizational development

1.03 Method

1.04 Hypotheses and results

1.05 Discussion and conclusions

Chapter 2. Theory  Click> Trust-KeganPhd-Ch2.txt

2.01 Chapter overview

2.02 A model of man

2.03 Individual and organizational change

2.04 Effectiveness: Individual, group, and organizational

2.05 Trust and related variables

2.06 Perception and reality

2.07 Communication

2.08 Decision-making

2.09 Creativity and control

2.10 Organizational development

2.11 Environmental and cultural influences

2.12 Hypotheses

Fig 1.  Some Relationships of Trust, Openness Adaptation, Effectiveness Click> Fig 1. Trust_Openness_Adapt_Effectiveness.pdf

Fig 2. Model of Individual Behavior, Its Interruption, & Its Modification Click> Fig 2. Behavior_Interruption_Modification.pdf

Fig 3. Model of the Formation of Trust Expectations Click> Figs 3_4. Trust_Expectations_Intent.pdf

Fig 4. Detailed Model of the Determination of Intent Click> Figs 3_4. Trust_Expectations_Intent.pdf

Fig 5. Parametric Relationships Between Awareness and Effectiveness Click> Fig 5. Awareness_Effectiveness.pdf

Fig 6. Components of a Generalized Subsystem, Showing It Under Some Control of Another Subsystem Click> Fig 6. Generalized_Subsystem.pdf

©1971 Daniel Kegan. All Rights Reserved.


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