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GreenLight® Software by Élan

GreenLight Gets You Going...
...Fast, Flexible & Friendly

Calendar, Client, and Case Control
From A to Z

Cudgel®, The Flexible Litigation Companion with Docket, comprehensively coordinates evidence, witnesses, facts, laws, papers, notes, docket due dates, costs, and more-key litigation information from complaint through discovery to trial and appeal. With CalendarEye docket.

View Cudgel TopView, Buttons for some Key Functions.

View the Cudgel Setup Guide, a place for everything.

CalendarEye®, With CalendarEye you can flexibly organize and see who needs to do what when-whether today, this week, this month, this year, this decade, or beyond. Integrated with GreenLight's Client Portrait and Cudgel, CalendarEye and the Helix relational database engine readily lets you see what you've done and what's left undone-by client, by attorney, by case, as well as by date.

Cadence®, The Professional's Model Office Manual, helps everyone in the office do things the same correct way. Designed for the solo practitioner and small to medium firm using microcomputers, Cadence integrates efficient information and computer management techniques, today's marketing concerns, and traditional management approaches.

Client Portrait®, The Professional's Client Information, Marketing,and Conflicts-of-Interest System tracks clients, prospective clients, ex-clients, referral sources, associates, government officials, vendors, adverse parties, and anyone else important to a professional.

Palette, the Collectable Inventory and Valuation Manager, for your artwork, or anything else, creates Display Display Books of all or diverse subsets. Valuation Data Sequestered. Palette separates the Valuation data from the basic art inventory data, so you can present a book of art works to an appraiser without the potential biasing effect of your valuation data being disclosed. Of course, if you wish to disclose the ArtValueIn, ArtValueList, or Value List reports you may.

MacLaw, ISBA-IP, INTA, Copyright Society USA, AIPLA, and ABA-IP Members and enrolled law students eligible for major discounts on GreenLight software.

Download the free Cudgel Demo [< click]

Élan Associates/ GreenLight Software favors Macintosh computers. Click here, to visit the MacGuide page, to learn why.
Helix, under new Big Giant Donut management, expects platform functionality beyond Macintosh about late 2023.

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