It’s Not Just You

Much of the time, you are not the only one feeling that something's wrong—at work, at home, in other groups—although no one might be talking about it. Nor are you typically the cause of the problems.

Most work, home, relationship and other problems are felt by several people, but too often are long silently born, since recognizing and articulating feelings, causes, and effective solutions can be a difficult solo task.

It's not only you. And you can learn how to better understand, control, and change your work, home, relationships, and feelings.

Organizational consultants and psychologists are trained to help people deal effectively with many of life's and work's problems. They help organizations improve productivity and morale; help improve physical and  mental health for individuals, couples, and families; and help identify and reduce persistent conflict.

Practical Understanding and Effective Control

Élan (pronounced A-lan) means enthusiasm, style, and spirit. Élan Associates are professionals helping organizations, groups, and individuals identify, understand, and transform those forces reducing their enthusiasm and effectiveness. Helping clients to understand and effectively control their organizations, our practical, results-oriented approaches are embedded in a concern for long-run consequences as well as immediate problem resolution.



Work and School.


Stress in the workplace.

Managing your boss.

Middle school malaise.

Family and Relationships.


Communication tips for parents.

Making stepfamilies work.

Nine psychological tasks for a good marriage.

Elder care: More than 'parenting a parent'

Health and Emotional Wellness.


Understanding depression and effective treatment.

Sport psychologists help professional and amateur athletes.

The key to making lasting lifestyle and behavioral changes: Will or skill.

Aging: When should you be concerned about a senior's forgetfulness.

Stress tip sheet.

Strategies for controlling your anger.

Managed Care and Health Insurance.


Insurance; Ask your employer's benefits manager about health care coverage.

Medicaid and psychology.

How to choose a psychologist.


Disasters & Terrorism.


Manage flood-related disress by building resilience.

Managing your distress about the earthquake from afar.

Managing traumatic stress: Tips for recovering from disasters and other traumatic events.

What do psychologists do at disaster sites.


How a psychologist can help.


Laws, Standards, Guidelines & Ethics.


Ethical Principles of Psychologists and Code of Conduct

Guidelines for Child Custody Evaluations in Ddivorce Proceedings

Guidelines for Psychological Practice with Older Adults

Guidelines for Psychotherapy with Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Clients.

Illinois Confidentiality Act

HIPAA, Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, Security Rule



What is Organization Development.


Organization and Human Systems Development Credo.


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Notice—Things Change

Life is constantly changing. Moreover, no general discussion can incorporate all the specific facts of your particular situation. Consult an experienced organizational consultant for particular questions.