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Collectable Inventory and Valuation Manager


The PALETTE™ Collectable Inventory and Valuation Manager works with QSA Toolworks’ Helix database platform.

Know Helix. Operation of this Palette™ Collectable Inventory and Valuation Manager collection assumes knowledge of basic Helix operations. See the next page for brief Helix Hints.

Thumbnails v HiRes Graphics. Palette provides for four Picture data input fields: Thumbnails (2 inches square data field) and a larger (3 inch square) field for possible use with a high resolution graphic. All picture fields  the picture display, virtually any workable size graphic can be input.  If you will be printing an art catalog you may wish to use high resolution graphics in the PicHiRes (3" square) data field. However a ten-image page full of high resolution images may print slowly. Pic2d and Pic3d fields are only in the ArtIn view.

Valuation Data Sequestered. Palette separates the Valuation data from the basic art inventory data, so you can present a book of art works to an appraiser without the potential biasing effect of your valuation data being disclosed. Of course, if you wish to disclose the ArtValueIn, ArtValueList, or Value List reports you may.

Art contains the basic information for the inventory: Artist, Title, Year, gross size (width and height) and image size, Cost, Value, current Location, Target location (for a physical move), Source, the Media type, user-defined Sets, up to 4 different identification numbers, Notes, and More pages related to the art, the author, and the like. Also provided are fields for Depth, Gross Weight (with packing materials), Net Weight (framed art), and five text fields for which you can define your own purpose and provide your own short text labels. To see a larger (8 inch square) view of a work, click the [Big} button from an Art input view. If you start with your own identification numbers in ID4, then if your artwork is formally presented for sale and you use ID1 for those numbers, potential buyers will see their relevant catalog numbers first. If you need more than one picture to adequate present a work, simple enter additional Art records with the same Artist and append a distinguishing suffix to the Title (such as "... back" for a sculpture).

Preferences and Setup. Set your Preferences in the Setup view: Inches or Centimeters for length (resulting in square feet or square meters for area), Pounds or Kilograms for weight. You may also  (in the lower Setup view) label the five Custom text fields for further descriptions of your collectables.

Art Pages and Books. In ordering the pages for an art book, we suggest ordering in multiples of ten (10), so that you can readily insert later pages (with order numbers not even tens) without adjusting the  already-entered order numbers.  If those nine extra pages are insufficient, use the decimals (initially by tenths).

Print. Print to PDF and most computer users can view your Palette™ Collectables in color on their computer. Or print to paper.

Covers lets you select the text and artwork for a Cover for an art book, either One main picture or Four pictures from your inventory. You may also use the CoverZero view to electronically paste in a single main picture from outside your Palette inventory.

More stores additional information, as a graphic, related to a particular items, typically the work itself, the artist, or similar works. For example, for a multipage PDF, take a screenshot of each letter-size (or smaller) page.  Click the [More] button from an Art input view. Art works with no More information make the [More] button disappear.

Backup and Maintenance. Backup your computer work frequently, often, redundancy—on separate media; mechanical things such as computers and data storage devices sometimes fail; humans make mistakes, such as erroneously  deleting data. Also have another rotating offsite backup for any data you do not want lost—buildings sometimes are damaged by fire, flood, phlogiston,  or otherwise become inaccessible.

Troubleshooting. If a display page is blank of expected data, try View> Find First.

Feedback. Send comments to Elan/ GreenLight Software, <>.

GreenLight thirty-day moneyback guarantees our products to work as we describe them.

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