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Cudgel Patent


Persuasion Organizer and Calculator

Daniel Kegan, Inventor

Patent Abstract.

A persuasion organizer and calculator with which attorneys and others required to form and develop persuasive arguments may create, modify, and control a knowledge base and a persuasive calculus without the need for a knowledge engineer. By eliminating the knowledge engineer from the process of creating and maintaining a knowledge base, the present invention minimizes the problems of ambiguity and confusion found in the prior art. The present invention provides a structure for litigators that allows simple, non-expert creation and modification of decisional frameworks, objective and subjective probabilities, and standards of proof. Furthermore, the present invention allows the user to analyze the elements of a persuasive argument (including matters, issues, facts, laws, evidence, witnesses, and the like) to predict the strength of such an argument and determine elements which may require additional support and resource allocation....

Referenced by

System and method for identifying facts and legal discussion in court case law documents, August 2004, Assigned to Lexis-Nexis Group.

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